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Alluminium Foil Tape

Alluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil tapes contains aluminium which it is not an easy fade anti-rain anti-ultraviolet radiation. Mainly used in the kitchen, bathroom pipe sealing and can stick in plastic pots ceramic pots and other crackle. Adhesive suitable for a variety of surfaces chemical resistance thermal insulation high temperature waterproof. Aluminium silver appearance allows the product to blend in easily with HVAC air ducts

Aris ensures that all products are quality checked and safe to use.

Aluminium tapes are water resistant and offer a total vapour barrier making them ideal for building and HVAC professionals who are looking for a consistent quality sealing solution. It is designed to incorporate a high temperature acrylic adhesive; aluminium tape product line is designed to cover all key application areas where high temperature resistance and electrical or thermal conductivity are required.

Features and Benefits of using Aluminium tapes are:
  • Easy to tear
  • Good performance at high and low temperatures
  • Specialist cold weather adhesive allows good bonding to a full range of different substrates.
  • Can be applied at low temperatures for easy use in cold weather months
  • High tack levels for initial bonding power
  • Excellent water resistance providing a water vapour barrier 
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Excellent strength and durability in use 
  • Good chemical resistance
Application : 
  • Insulation
  • Jointing 
  • Masking 
  • Protection 
  • Sealing 
  • Splicing