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Tissue Tape

Tissue Tape

The tape is made of tissue paper both side coated acrylic water or solvent based adhesives and laminated with double side release paper. They are lightweight tissues coated with a rubber based adhesive It bonds firmly onto leathers, clothes, woods, plastics, any two similar to dissimilar materials.

The coated tissue tape uses include mounting light objects, and laminating textiles, cork, paper, and textiles.

Benefits : 

Tissue tape offers a wide variety of initial grab and high tack adhesion benefits for industrial manufacturing and assembling. Specific product features and benefits include : 

  • Easily tear able by hand
  • Good long-term ageing
  • Good UV resistance
  • High initial grab and tack
  • Good mid-range temperature performance
  • Thin bonding solution

Applications :
  • Mending
  • Holding
  • Re-enforcement
  • Mounting
  • Bonding similar dissimilar surfaces such as plastics, leather, papers, edges of bags / belts etc.
Note: Customize sizes are available on request.