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Cotton Tape with Adhesive

Cotton Tape With Adhesive

Cotton Cloth Tape is coated with Hotmelt adhesive inside and is coated with special waterproof compound on the outside. It has excellent adhesive properties and does not dry and is easy to tear by hand.
Cotton Tapes with adhesive tapes meet the demands of Industrial applications, home and Office.

The key features of a cotton tape are:
  • The mesh count of the backing – the higher the mesh count, the higher the tensile strength.
  • The type of coating: premium cloth tapes and specialty cloth tapes are coated acrylic paste coating – sometimes up to 3 times which provides superior resistance to the effects of weathering and UV light.
  • Adhesive type: natural rubber adhesives are used on all the types of tape. However, for speciality cloth tapes the adhesive is ‘thermoset’ i.e., it is highly cross-linked which gives it a higher temperature resistance.