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Masking Tape

Masking Tape

Masking tape is made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, is lightly adhesive and can be smoothly applied and removed without leaving a mark from any surface and does not cause any damage. Masking tapes is also water and heat resistant.

Aris Adhesive Tape Private Limited is a trusted masking tape supplier based in Kolkata, West Bengal . Aris supplies all types of adhesive tapes as per the requirement of customers. All the tapes supplied by us passes the quality check and match the industrial standards. Customers can also purchase masking tape from our website.

Highlighted Features :
  • Clean Removability
  • Good Holding Power
  • Residue Free
  • Strong Crepe Paper
  • Temperature resistance 80 degrees x 60 minutes
  • UV Resistant
Use of masking tape in electrical Industry
  • Masking tapes can be used for basic insulation application.
  • Masking tapes function well on LED devices and can also be used to hold components in place.
Use of masking tape in plywood/furniture Industry

Masking tape is used by carpenters during the process of making furniture. It is useful to gain a temporary hold on furniture for adhesive to gain initial grip and mask areas that are not to be polished

  • Firmly bundles and seals the furniture pieces.
  • Aris tape bonds firmly with the surface holding the furniture together.
  • It does not leave imprints on any surface.
Use of Masking Tapes for painting

Masking tape is tape explicitly made to assist painters in the application of paint. The tape is used to prevent paint from being coated on different coloured areas to create a contrast. It is frequently used on trim (doors, windows).

Use of Masking Tapes for art
  • To make the artwork look clean and finished, apply the masking tape at the edges so that it gives a sharp border. In this way, tape can be used for other purposes as well. You can use it with any style of drawing that may prove difficult to maintain within the boundaries.
  • Drawings can be attached to a drawing board or light table with this tape, and it can be easily removed without damaging them. There is a rating system for house painter's tape that shows how many days it can be left in place without leaving residue behind.