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Reflection Tapes

Reflection Tape 

Reflective tape is a durable, high-strength adhesive used to clearly mark areas or objects, providing a reflective light that is cast off the tape. This tape is used on vehicles to make them more visible in dim light, dull Visibility, and night.

Features : 
  • Satisfy both Horizontal and Vertical Orientation as per AIS 090 standard
  • Excellent daytime brightness
  • Vivid color High UV stability
  • High reflectivity/visibility
  • Four-layer tape, Long durability, Excellent workability
Applications :
  • Majorly used in Automotive Industry
  • YELLOW Reflective Tape is applied on bothside of the vehicle, horizontally as it is similar to the tail lights.
  • RED Reflective Tape for car is applied on the back side of the vehicle as it is similar to the tail Lights
  • WHITE Reflective Tape is applied on the front of the vehicle about the Head Lights.