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VHB Tape

VHB Tapes are easy to assemble. It Tolerates differential thermal extortion or contraction and VHB has Excellent seal against water, moisture and dust. It is Quick and easy to apply, saves time and Labour costs. Ideal for bonding to a variety of substrates such as most metals, glass, plastics, composites and painted surface.
VHB Tape is fully cured, it has a viscoelastic nature and a very high and durable bonding strength; it is made with acrylic Foam and is primarily used to fix glass with a metal framework, fixing of two metals , plastic materials and painted surfaces. VHB tape has created a new revolution in the construction industry.

  • Damps vibration and absorbs impact.
  • Effective in corrosion protection
  • Greater bonding strength.
  • Outstanding for thin materials. Allocates stress.
Application  :
  • Foam & Felt Lamination
  • Die Cut Parts
  • Construction
  • Attaching insulation to walls
  • Mounting objects on the wall